Protests & Demonstrations

White Hat Rebellion

Find out here how you can start to turn the tide against lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccinations and all the anti-human and anti-freedom COVID-19 control measures simply by wearing a white hat.

Protest Database

Protests are published via the online protest database at Lockdown Breakout is currently under development and user created protests are a feature which is yet to be implemented. In the mean-time, if you would like to register a protest, please contact us.

Businesses Operating In Protest

Businesses openly operating in defiance of lockdown measures are also tracked at If you would like to notify us of a businesses which is operating in protest of lockdowns, please contact us.

Protest Guides

  • How to Challenge Institutional Power – A blueprint on how to challenge a system which is resistant to democratic change with a special focus on the draconian COVID-19 measures.
  • A Study of the 2019-2020 Hong Kong Protestors – The 2019-2020 Hong Kong protestors wrote the book on how to run a successful protest movement. In this article we study their tactics and methods and see how they might be applied to our current situation.
  • How to stay anonymous online – Information on how to maintain your anonymity online. Vital for anyone who needs to conduct their activism in cyber space.