On Masks

Do masks work or not? Are there harmful side-effects? These are questions that seem very simple, but the science on face coverings is shockingly weak. If you are a believer in the protective power of masks, you may cite any of a

Sweden’s Covid-19 Chief Anders Tegnell Said Judge me In a Year…

Sweden has been catching alot of flak for being one of only a couple countries in the developed world which did not impose a Covid-19 lockdown. In Spring Sweden’s health minister proclaimed “Judge us in a Year”. So now that 2020 is finally over, let’s have a look back at how they did.

Comparing Deaths in Sweden and Belgium

Earlier, we compared deaths from all causes in the countries of Scandinavia. In this post, we compare deaths from all causes of Sweden, a country with never locked down or mandated masks to that of Belgium, a country with harsh lock-downs and