Adopting a Signal to Cut Through the Noise

It was in the taverns and pubs that the founding fathers of America first met to plot the overthrow of the reigning British government. Understanding the vital role of peaceful assembly and free speech in challenging the power of a tyrannical government, they would later enshrine this right forever in the Constitution of the United States. Yet, today, in these days of mass hysteria, these rights have been stripped of us on flimsy pretenses. Even in the so-called land of the free, where they were born, these rights have been eroded. While you may want to challenge me on my assertion that these rights are really gone, and rightly so, it is often enough to punish the exercise of a right, even subtly, in order to stop people from exercising it. Legal censorship on social media, executed by corporations rather than governments, is enough to stop many people from communicating. The outlaw of meetings indoors and the shutdowns of pubs and restaurants, even though you may still be able to meet outside or online, is enough to stop many people from organizing. Worse still, we are forced against our will to adopt a symbol of support for hysteria and government tyranny.

So this is why we we require a symbol of our own, this is why today I am announcing the White Hat Rebellion.

The White Hat Rebellion is an idea for how we can adopt a simple, easily obtainable, signal which we can use both to identify each other and to broadcast a message to our opponents that they are in the company of individuals who reject lockdowns, masks, distancing, and all of the anti-human and anti-freedom practices adopted purportedly in the name of safety. I will explain why this idea makes so much sense (and in fact why it is literally guaranteed to work if enough people do this) in a bit, but first I will state simply how the White Hat Rebellion works:

When you got out in public wear a hat or other head covering which is White or mostly White. Any generic hat is fine, or you can add a logo or slogan if you like.

This will be our symbol that we support an immediate return to normalcy.

That’s it. Very simple. Very easy. For any of you reading who are steeped in memes and internet culture, below I’ve put a silly info-graphic that you can post to get the word out along with a hashtag: #WhiteHatRebellion. For those of you not familiar with internet culture, you probably won’t get this, but that’s okay, you can spread the word just by wearing your hat by word of mouth or making your own post to Facebook.

Here is Why This all Makes Sense

Reason #1 – Historical Precedent

Color revolutions were a series of related movements occurring in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The leaders of these movements knew the power of adopting a certain color or symbol (in their case, they usually picked a flower) in challenging the reigning communist tyrants. See also the white rose movement in Nazi Germany.

There is also the modern white rose anti-lockdown movement (although they seem to place less emphasis on the white rose itself as a symbol).

Reason #2 – Bolstering the Confidence of our own side

Do you feel like the whole world has gone crazy? Do you sometimes think that you are the only person, among a sea of fools and sheep who can see how utterly insane everybody is behaving? I know I sure sometimes do yet I also know from my conversations with people and from my experiences in going out mask-less, that this just isn’t so. Normally, in a small shop people are much nicer to me than normal when I show up mask-less, and people agree when I talk about how crazy this all is more often than you might think. Especially now that this has gone on so long and many of us will even be denied Christmas, many people (and in-fact more than enough people) feel that this has gone too far.

This feeling of being defeated right from the outset is contributing to your unwillingness to do anything, even if you are doing something despite this. So, imagine how it would feel if suddenly one in every five people at your local grocery store was wearing a white hat. Imagine what it would do for your self-confidence and hope for the future. Imagine how you might be inspired right then in there to take off your mask, talk to somebody around you or get involved with a protest now that you know that it might work?

Reason #3 – Challenging the Psychology of the Other Side

In my experience there are two main reasons why people support the main-stream narrative on COVID. First and most common, they have fallen prey to group-think and will go along with what the herd and its established hierarchy are saying. Second, they are genuinely afraid and have been captured by a mass hysteria phenomenon where there is in-fact little to justify their fear yet the become all afraid all the same because everyone around them is acting like they are afraid. In each case, they are driven by a deeply seated instinct driven into us by millions of years of evolution. Historically, humans which did not go-along with the rest of the group tended to die and failed to pass on their genes. So, for people in whom this instinct is strong, failing to go along with the group literally feels like risking death.

So to challenge this, you need to simply put a question into their minds as to just how popular exactly are the beliefs that they are holding. If you can do this then their confidence will be immediately weakened. They will no longer be so bold about virtue signalling or attacking people on our side and some of them will even defect over to us. Because following the group is the only thing that they care about, if enough people start to signal support for a different opinion then this strategy is literally guaranteed to work. The easiest way to do this is to adopt a symbol, such as this white hat, physically wear it and show that we are not afraid. It is important that the symbol be physically worn because we are utilizing a primal instinct which works best are able to feel the physical presence of others in their environment.

Reason #4 – Organization and Signalling in Social Species

In simulations of Darwinian evolution, the species which do best are those which are able to recognize each other and cooperate. The principle works the same at the sub-species level, sub-species which have a so-called in-group preference for each other consistently dominate. All social species use this strategy to one degree or another including humans and in fact virtue signalling is itself literally a manifestation of this.

The lesson here is simple, if we are not able to recognize each other we will be easily out-competed by the other side which use masks and virtue-signalling so that they can recognize each other. We will not be able to organize. I would even go so far to say that we are guaranteed to fail if we are not able to recognize each other and although there are other ways to recognize each other (simply stating your beliefs verbally or attending a rally for instance) adopting a wearable symbol like this is a very effective and scalable way to communicate our shared belief.

Reason #5 – Practical Considerations: Logistics, Availability, Legality and Plausible Deniability

I do not believe that people should be wearing masks, one of the main reasons being precisely that it works as a symbol for the other side. However, the legal and social enforcement has only become more extreme in recent weeks. It is becoming more and more difficult to go out mask-less and it will only get worse. Police and shop owners are no longer as willing to accept the medical exemption excuse and many of us are finding ourselves unable or unwilling to go out without masks. But a simple white hat is legal and will probably always be legal. Unlike wearing an aggressive slogan or logo, a white-hat is very non-confrontational and people are unlikely to attack you over it. You also are able to claim plausible deniability if you are attacked (I didn’t know, I was just wearing a white hat). And even as the white hat rebellion becomes more popular you will be able to use a mask for the one thing that it is good for, that being providing you with anonymity, so that you can be less afraid of being targeted.

Unlike special stickers, buttons, tee-shirts, yard signs, or the like, a simple white hat is very easy to obtain. You may already have one or can go to your local supermarket to purchase one. You could probably even create an improvised version (using white-paper for instance) if you were otherwise unable to obtain a real white hat. During a global lockdown, the logistics of distributing special items becomes even more difficult and considering the sort of scale that we need for the White Hat Rebellion to be successful, it may be all but impossible to get a more specific symbol out to anyone.


In order for a movement against lockdowns and masks to succeed, it is vital that we be able to organize and to recognize each other. If we fail to do this we are all but guaranteed to fail affect change, but if we succeed at this on a large enough scale we are all but guaranteed to succeed because it will break the group-think and mass hysteria psychologies which are driving the main-stream narrative. The White Hat Rebellion is a simple and actionable plan that we all can put into place today in order to change our fortunes. I will be wearing my white hat out in public starting today and I hope to see all of you doing this as well.

What You Can Do to Help

This is a grass-roots movement. Please spread the word by wearing your own white hat, word of mouth or by making a post on social media with the hash-tag #WhiteHatRebellion. Please also contact us if you have your own ideas about how to popularize this movement and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your help in defeating the covid-19 mass hysteria.